Our Process

At Green Lily Bakery we take pride in not only making the wedding cake of your dreams, but also in making it taste delicious. By using high quality local and organic ingredients, our cake sets itself apart from the rest. Your guests will definitely taste the difference, and recognize the loving skill that went into every bite of your very special cake.

Questionnaire & Sketch Concepts

Before our initial meeting, you will fill out our Questionnaire, which covers everything from your chosen venue, theme and preferred flavors so we can get a better understanding of you and your upcoming event.  Everything is extremely customized at Green Lily, and we’ll be sure to discuss concept and budget by email or phone before collecting design ideas for our initial consultation.

Tasting & Review 

Once you’ve filled out your Questionnaire, we’ll meet for an in-person tasting.  You may also purchase a tasting box, which includes 4 mini cakes (or a selection of mini desserts) with flavors of your choice.   Should you choose to sign at the consultation, this fee will be waived.  To get the creative process started, we may provide a set of initial cake sketches, which will be finalized with flavor selections by the end of our tasting depending on our progression.

Final Cake Creation

After our tasting & review, a cake or series of desserts will be prepared based on your preferences. Everything from design, colors, flavors, floral treatments and size will be completely customized for your event. We are happy to discuss delivery to ensure your desserts arrive in one piece. Contact Us today to set up a consultation – let’s talk cake and design something special together!



Of course! Our cake stands are available for rent, ranging from $10 – $20 per stand. You can choose to have us return to pick them up at an additional charge, or you can return your rental to us within 3 business days. We do keep a credit card on file to secure a rental order and to ensure that all items will be returned to us in original condition.  Our stands are also available for purchase.  Click Here to see our cake stands.

There is a $60.00 delivery and setup charge for all wedding/large specialty cakes in the city of Austin.  Delivery outside of Austin is $60.00 plus $1.50 per mile.

Yes. Flowers can be an important part of cake design.  If you wish to incorporate flowers we recommend using our hand crafted sugar flowers instead of fresh stems.  We have exceptional sugar artists who create flowers that are virtually indistinguishable from real blooms, and are much safer for use on cakes (and you can keep them indefinitely!)

We are always able to decorate your cake with fresh flowers or lay your flowers around the base of the cake at delivery. If you have a specific layout we will request a sketch of exact placement. Flowers for the cake, table (or anywhere else) need to be provided by your florist. We are happy to work directly with your florist to ensure that everything matches and is wrapped carefully in floral tape, to ensure no chemicals come in contact with food.

Pictures and inspiration imagery of cakes that you are interested in are always welcome. We will be happy to make adjustments to make the cake design your own, as we do not produce exact copies – we encourage you to have a unique design that showcases the theme of your event!

Pure white icing requires shortening and powdered sugar, which we do not use. We pride ourselves on using local and organic ingredients, which eliminates color and chemical additives. The outcome of our buttercream cakes is a lovely, soft cream color.

At Green Lily we only use local and organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality products.  We do NOT use any artificial flavorings or fillings for our cakes.  There are dozens of flavor combinations available to you.  For our full menu, Click Here.  To mix things up a bit, you can use more than one filling in each tier and you can use different cake and filling combinations in each tier.  All of our flavors can be made gluten-free using local Bona Dea gluten free flour.  We also offer diary-free and vegan cakes, and we will make every effort to accommodate other special dietary needs.

Your cake can be any size that you want it to be.  Let’s say your heart’s desire is for a grand scale confection of 5 tiers, but you only have 75 guests to feed.  We can use dummy tiers iced and decorated to match the real cake tiers to add height.  Our cakes have four layers of cake and three layers of filling, so they are about 6 inches in height.

Summer weather in Texas is brutal on cakes.  In order to ensure that your cake will remain beautiful and structurally secure, we recommend that your wedding cake be displayed indoors for the summer months.  If your wedding is outdoors and the cake must be outdoors, we recommend getting fondant over the buttercream.

To accompany a custom cake, or to stand alone, mini desserts are a perfect way to feed each individual guest. They are made with local and organic ingredients to ensure a quality product. For options and pricing please visit the mini desserts section of our Menu Page.

We are not considered 100% organic, because we do not have organic colors, fondant, or gum paste. You will never find any artificial extracts, preservatives, Trans fats, hydrogenated oils, pre-made icings or pre-made fillings in our products. Using the highest quality, local, and sustainable ingredients is very important to Green Lily and we hope it’s important to you too! For a list of our ingredients, Click Here.

At Green Lily Bakery, we believe that cake should always be fresh, NEVER frozen, so we provide you with a complimentary anniversary cake that matches your favorite wedding cake flavor.

We currently rent commercial kitchen space, but hope to have a store front in the near future! Stay tuned.

We are not hiring at the moment, but are always accepting resumes.  Please send your resume to Jessica@GreenLilyBakery.com.  We are also accepting resumes for internships.

At Green Lily bakery, everything is extremely custom.  We price our cakes based on the number of servings and the complexity in design. Please refer to our process details listed above the FAQs on this page.

All orders require a deposit in order to secure a spot on our calendar. Weddings require a $75 deposit, and all other orders require a 50% deposit.

Definitely!  Before a tasting we request that you fill out our Wedding Questionnaire which will help us get to know your wedding style and budget. You may also purchase a $25 tasting box, which includes 4 mini cakes with flavors of your choice, or a selection of mini desserts.  Three design sketches will be provided for us to discuss at our meeting.  Please Contact Us today for a consultation.